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R&D Center

R&D Center

R&D Center

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The science and technology complex, with an area of 5000 square meters, is the cradle of Dayi’s scientific and technological progresses and all kinds of new products. There are nearly twenty labs of silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone surfactants, and organic fluorine surfactant, and so on. In addition, the science and technology building also has academic exchanges center, quality testing center, etc. It is the municipal technology center of Yantai.

The research and development center brings together numerous scientific and technological talents on organic silicon research both at home and abroad, focuses on the research and development of organic silicon new products, develops all kinds of functional organic silicone materials according to the market demand, and becomes the scientific and technological source that Dayi Chemical could always be one step ahead.

In recent years, the company has successively invested hundreds of millions of Yuan in the field of infrastructure construction of scientific and technological innovation, improved the infrastructure construction of research and development as well as experiment conditions, and strengthened the infrastructure construction of the enterprise technology center.

Now, the company has the technical service conditions for product development, application research and performance test of organic silicon polymer composite materials, mainly including: multiple sets (5L-500L-2000L) of polymerization device, special rectification device, low molecular removal device, etc. for different polymerizations, processing test, as well as the development of fine chemicals; complete facilities in the quality inspection center, including import gas chromatography, gel chromatography, electron microscope, Mooney viscometer, colorimeter and other advanced large-scale testing equipment which can meet the requirements of product performance test and test control.

Achievements of the center:

1.The composite hair silicon oil developed earlier filled the domestic gap. The quality of shampoo can be improved comprehensively in improving wet and dry combing of the hair, adding luster and softness of hair. The market share in the shampoo industry is up to 20%.

2.Aluminum-foil paper protective agent developed for tobacco packaging industry can increase the cigarette production efficiency 6 times. 30% cigarette factories in the country have used this product.

3.The spandex oil products become import substitution and China's first brand of spandex oil. In particular, DY-103 spandex oil passed the provincial level appraisal of technology achievement. The certifying committee agrees that: the product has reached the international advanced level of similar products. The product accounts for more than 60% of domestic oil in spandex oil market.

4.MQ silicone resin products are various with unique properties, and new in silicone resins. These functional materials are distinctive in the country and the application of them has been matured in antifoaming agent industry, release agent industry, silicone rubber industry, and pressure-sensitive adhesives industry.

5.The latest synthetic leather pulp dewatering moisture resistant agent and printing paper-mold release agent for synthetic leather are import substitution, break the monopoly of imported products in Chinese market.

6.The organic silicon pesticide wetting diffusing agent, which is a new type and special pesticide auxiliaries of high efficiency, non-toxic and environmental protection, has been widely used in agriculture because of its ultra-low surface tension, super permeability, wetting dispersibility and diffusing ability.

7.The series of organic silicon surfactant products are widely used in paint, printing ink and coating systems, providing wetting and dispersion effect and the smooth feel, improving the brightness and scratch resistance of the paint film.

8.The successful development of the series of polyurethane elastomer release agents makes the products successfully out of the mould, the surface of which is smooth and bright. It is a kind of oily polyurethane release agent, contributing to the molding of polyurethane elastomer products.

9.The electronic grade vinyl silicone oil and silicone oil containing hydrogen used for LED electronic pouring sealant have won the affirmation and praise of LED electronic pouring sealant manufacturers both at home and abroad because of the good quality.

10.Defoaming agent, waterproofing agent and a large number of high-tech new products are unique and in the domestic leading level.

11.The series of plastic modifiers used for epoxy resin and polyurethane provide guarantee to improve high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance of all kinds of plastics as well as the flexibility of the products.

12.The methyl phenyl silicone resin used to make high temperature resistant insulating paint, high temperature resistant coatings, and so on, the acrylic modified silicone resin used for buildings, vehicles and other weather resistance coatings, the epoxy modified silicone resin used for high temperature resistant anticorrosive paint and insulating paint of engine, wall pipe of exhaust pipe, chimney and other parts, and other products have gone through novelty search by provincial searching organizations. No relevant details have been found in the country.

13.Special organic silicon materials tailored for scientific research subjects of scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning are too numerous to mention, undertaking science and technology research projects in Shandong Province for many times.