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Innovation Ability


Innovation Ability

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● The composite hair silicon oil developed earlier filled the domestic gap. Shampoo quality could be upgraded comprehensively.

● Aluminum-foil paper protective agent developed for tobacco packaging industry increased the cigarette production efficiency by 6 times.

● Spandex oil series became import substitution and China's first brand of Spandex oil emulsion.

● MQ silicone resin products are various and unique in properties, new in silicone resins. These functional materials are distinctive in the country.

● The latest synthetic leather pulp dewatering moisture resistant agent, printing paper-mold release agent for synthetic leather are import substitution, break the monopoly of imported products in Chinese market.

● The successful development of the series of polyurethane elastomer release agents makes the products successfully out of the mould, the surface of which is smooth and bright. It is a kind of oily polyurethane release agent, contributing to the molding of polyurethane elastomer products.

● Customized super slippery silicone oil and 2052 silicone oil are import substitution products.

● The organic silicon pesticide wetting diffusing agent, which is a new type and special pesticide auxiliaries of high efficiency, non-toxic and environmental protection, has been widely used in agriculture because of its ultra-low surface tension, super permeability, wetting dispersibility and diffusing ability.

● The methyl phenyl silicone resin used to make high temperature resistant insulating paint, high temperature resistant coatings, and so on, the acrylic modified silicone resin used for buildings, vehicles and other weather resistance coatings, the epoxy modified silicone resin used for high temperature resistant anticorrosive paint and insulating paint of engine, wall pipe of exhaust pipe, chimney and other parts, and other products have gone through novelty search by provincial searching organizations. No relevant details have been found in the country.

●The electronic grade vinyl silicone oil and silicone oil containing hydrogen used for LED electronic pouring sealant have won the affirmation and praise of LED electronic pouring sealant manufacturers both at home and abroad because of the good quality.

● Tailor-made special silicone materials for the research projects in research institutes, colleges and universities are numerous.

● Undertaken many research projects of Shandong Province.