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DY-M1011 Water-based Defoamer



The product is efficient water emulsion defoamer synthesized by polymethyl siloxane through special process and has effects of quick defoaming and durable foam inhibition. Because of special chemical property of polysiloxane, the product is suitable for defoaming at normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature; it is nontoxic and tasteless and will not cause any environmental pollution. In addition, when the product is used for defoaming, its dosage is small and the cost is low. It is suitable for defoaming and foam inhibition of water phase and polar solvent phase (such as dimethyl fomamide, methanol, ethanol) system.

Technical Indexes

Appearance: Milk white cream

Solid content:10%

PH value: 6~8


The product is suitable for defoaming foam formed in water system, such as defoaming in printing and dyeing, washing, paper-making, water treatment, biological fermentation, metal cleaner, cutting fluid, and so on and making low-foam and non-foam detergent in daily chemical industry.

The product can be used for defoaming foam which is formed in polar solvent and doesn’t affect its product when bringing micro water to the system, such as defoaming during artificial leather manufacture.

Usage & Dosage

Before the product is used for defoaming system, it should be diluted with 5-6 times of water (or DMF) for better dispersing effect. The specific operation is as follows: add 1 portion of water to the defoamer and quickly and evenly mix up (until there is no lump), then add 1 portion of water to the mixture and quickly and evenly mix up (until there is no lump), operate for three times in this way (namely the water adding amount is three portions), after even mixing, add the remaining water once and mix up evenly until no lump exists. During use, the dosage of the diluent is about 0.03 percent of the foaming system.


When water is added for dispersing the original cream of the defoamer, difficultly disperse lump will be formed if adding too much water once, so the water must be added for several times, and less water should be added each time to ensure that the system is dispersed evenly at high relative viscosity (better dispersing effect if using 50° water), then the defoamer dispersing agent can be rapidly dispersed in foaming system so as to play a role of rapid defoaming. Because of the different foaming media of various systems, the foaming reasons are various and complicated, and though the product has wide adaptability, it is not suitable for any foaming system. Therefore, the customer should do sample experiment to judge whether the product is suitable for defoaming your product or not.

Packaging, Storage & Transportation

1. The product is packaged by clean polyethylene plastic drum, with specifications of 200kg.

2. The product is stored at normal temperature, and the temperature cannot be lower than 0°C, or the product will lose efficiency because of freezing.

3. The product is nontoxic, tasteless and can be stored and transported as non-dangerous goods.

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